Reward Calendar – Extra shield – Coin Master new update

Coin Master awesome new update, which have Reward Calendar and additional shield. User can play game daily and collect reward from calendar. Also user now collect 5 shields(2 extra shields).

Coin Master new update not available for all user IDs, But no worries, it’ll available soon for all users.
Let’s inspect more detail for Coin Master Reward Calendar and additional shield.

What is Reward Calendar in Coin Master

Reward Calendar

Reward Calendar is new update feature which shows day wise reward list. User can play game daily and collect related day reward from calendar.

Coin Master Reward Calendar reward list

Here tried to list day wise reward detail from Reward Calendar. you’ll wish to check it.

Day 16M Coins
Day 230 Spin and Chest
Day 317.5M Coins
Day 450 Spin and 25M Coins
Day 545M Coins
Day 660M Coins and Chests
Day 760M Coins, 100 spin, 15K XP, Pet food
Day 8Gift
Day 15Gift
Day 22Gift
Day 30Mystery Chest

What is Extra shield in Coin Master

Coin master have shield feature.
Shields in Coin Master game wont to protect village from other users attack. Every user have maximum 3(three) shields in game.
In new update user will get 5 shield in game. Coin Master gives Extra 2 shield in new update.

Why Reward Calendar Extra shield update not available for me?

Coin Master new update Reward Calendar and additional shield available for a few users only. As per our analysis, update seems available for normal users (Top fans who playing game daily), this is often just our analysis only not official declaration.

If you not get new update, be cool and expecting amazing update. New update may available soon for all users.

We will update new detail for Reward Calendar and additional shield once it available.

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